Duncan Catterall




I’ve been directing music videos on and off for my entire professional career. It’s always exciting to hear completely new tracks well before release and be lucky enough to create something special for them. I’ve worked across a wide range of musical genres, we reflects my own broad tastes. I like think that my most creative work has been for music videos where I’ve been able to collaborate with artists and musicians. A good video always enhances a good track, and I hope you’ll find me as a creative partner with a wide range of skills and tools to make you something amazing. I think it's this mindset that means that artists that work with me keep coming back. Please get in touch if you’re interested in making a music video.


My process starts by listening to your chosen track, or sometimes several that you might be thinking about. I usually ask artists what they have in mind first, and find a way to make them possible within budget and time limitations. I look at lyrics and break down the structures of songs for those videos which go beyond a simple performance video. This analysis gives me the form on which to adding more details and ideas and threading themes through the video. After this I usually have a meeting or if not bounce ideas by email to create a short treatment. With artists happy with the general plan I take a look at the production planning in terms of kit, crew and location. I’ve worked on productions of varying levels of scale, from low budget projects where it may be me, a location the artist can provide, to projects where i bring in my crew and hire high end cameras, cranes, actors, models and studios. I’m know for my use of visual effects and carry my own edits as I have for almost everything I have produced. Even for my most basic shoots I have lighting, a ride on dolly and I’m a fully licensed drone pilot for those locations that will allow aerial filming.


After a video is complete I will supply the video in a number of standard formats and try and assist with any videos release where I can. I’ve been putting videos out for the best part of a decade and I’m always happy to lend advice. I will always be happy to provide delivery to broadcasters when this required.


Let’s make something awesome. Get in touch today and let’s talk about your ideas!






Email: Contact@DuncanCatterall.com

Phone: 07710 415 993