Duncan Catterall




Aerial filming adds scale and majesty to any production and as an imaging tool drones allow you to get angles you just couldn't get anywhere else. I have a PfCO from the CAA, which means I'm both qualified and legally permitted to fly a drone commercially. I've been using drones for a few years now with no incident and have a track record of coordinating with local air track control. I've used my drone for the likes of McLaren, Ford and Jaguar-Landrover as well as in my own music video productions. I have also used the drone to image buildings and landscapes for photogrammetry - which is where a 3D model can be created from a series of images. Please see the example below.


Planning ahead is important for this kind of work and it's possible to get clearance to fly in areas you wouldn't  expect provide you have clearance from the authorities. Please get in touch if you would like aerial filming or images. I'm happy to make enquiries on behalf of your project to ensure clearances. I fly an Inspire 1 Pro (Black Edition) with a 4k Zenmuse X5 camera.

Email: Contact@DuncanCatterall.com

Phone: 07710 415 993