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I've been using After Effects professionally for the last decade and it's been one of the most useful skills I've developed, using it for animation, motion graphics, video retouching, parallax imagery, data driven graphics and I'd probably find a way to use after effects to do my washing up if I could. I added a 3D pipeline to my skill set a few years ago due to client demand, initially resisting it's use until the technology was capable of more realistic imagery at artist level.  My animation work has been used to draw huge viewer ships when used commercially*, and my retouching work is highly efficient, allowing producers and directors the peace of mind that unwanted elements within their scenes can be removed and replaced. I have a personal interested in the advances in the field of photogrametry, which is where large sets of photos can be used to generate 3D models. My tastes on visual effects verge on the side of subtly and realism, where my animation work will bring out my sense of humour and imagination when appropriate to the production. I'm always happy to give advise on anything you might have planned, even if you're in the commissioning stages, so please get in touch today.


*The Cadbury Chocolate Soldiers and Cadbury Angels reached 3 million views when initially released as an exclusive in the online version of the Telegraph, one of their most successful paid for video  campaigns. Explore my various videos below and on my other pages to see some of the projects that have reached hundreds of thousands and even millions of viewers.

Role: Principal Animation & Editing Production Company: Snappin' Turtle

Role: Video Retouching Production Company: Outrun Films

Role: Motion Graphics & Editing Production Company: Outrun Films


Role: 3D Dash* & Retouching Production Company: Outrun Films
*Based completely on original data, used for safety reasons - strapping a camera in-front of a driver doing 400 kph is a little dangerous. Motion sampling authentic.


Role: Principal Animation & Editing Production Company: Snappin' Turtle

Role: Character animation and ident for all Driftwork online videos

Production Company: Outrun Films/Driftworks

Role: Motion Graphics Production Company: Snappin' Turtle


Email: Contact@DuncanCatterall.com

Phone: 07710 415 993