Duncan Catterall




I started animating in my early teens using games programs to make my early films, then went onto use early digital stills cameras to make stop-motion films and then started using After Effects at university to make the worlds of my animations even bigger. These days my After Effects animation is the core of my animation and motion graphics work, having used it for something on almost every type project I make. I had been using animation for corporate clients for years, but in 2019 I decided to introduce animation to my music video client base, which up to this point had been a parallel strand to my career. These include both lyric  videos and fully animated videos. The result has been a wave of highly creative projects, many which you can see below. This also increased the amount of original artwork I was producing, able to work in a number of styles to suite the tone of the piece I was producing, and this development has had a positive impact on all of my work.


I've also animated for well known brands, reaching millions of viewers. Some of my work has also been on internal films, so please ask if you'd like to view more of my corporate work. As well as making animated videos I have produced a great number of animated idents for different companies.


I'm always happy to give advise on anything you might have planned, even if you're in the commissioning stages, so please get in touch today.

Role: Animator/Director Client: Global Citizen

Role: Principal Animation & Editing Production Company: Snappin' Turtle

Role: Animator/Director Client: Louise Aubrie

Role: Principal Animation & Editing Production Company: Snappin' Turtle

Role: Character animation and ident for all Driftwork online videos

Production Company: Outrun Films/Driftworks

Role: Animator/Director Client: Grendel

Role: Animator/Director Client: Syd.31

Email: Contact@DuncanCatterall.com

Phone: 07710 415 993