Duncan Catterall

Editor / After Effects







As an editor, I am best known for my ability to a turn project around at significant speed with a high degree of competence, whilst maintaining the quality and the integrity of the project. It is my hope that I deliver every project on time and on brief. My editing approach is heavily geared towards revisions and reversions. Anything that can be changed will be changed in an efficient manner with minimal fuss.




My passion for filmmaking started in my early teens with stop motion animation. I trained at Canterbury Christ Church University (2005-2008), obtaining a B.A in Film, Radio and Television Production. I made my first feature film between my 1st and 2nd year as a way to stand out against the short film saturated world of the then new YouTube. Upon graduation  I set up a production company called Clockwork Amoeba (since merged into Lost Boys Studio), and gathered a reputation for music videos. I still direct music videos on the alternative electronic scene and these have been shown on music channels in both the U.K, America and Europe. I have cut almost every project I’ve ever been involved in.


In mid 2011 I began contracting for Penkat Studio as a music video director and camera operator but eventually became indispensable in post production. My editing reached new peaks at the start of 2012 when I was able to show a rough cut to a director within 3 days completion of his feature, having edited whilst the rushes came in.  Whilst I was there I worked for the BBC, the BRF Group. Tensator, the Internation Taekwando Federation and many others. I carried out post on a diverse range of productions whilst growing experience using a lot of the gear the well equipt studio had to offer.


Through Penkat I worked for Hoover making product commercials before becoming employed at JML in Septmeber 2013 editing and directing yet more productions of this kind. I have continued a making a number of freelance productions as part of Lost Boys Studio, originally a recording studio which is based on a farm near Bedford as has proven to be an excellent location.


I’ve cut most kinds of productions you can think of, and love nothing more than the seemingly impossible. Please get in touch if you


I am based in North London, 13 minutes from London Euston.




AlterRed - Music Videos

(April 2011, May 2012, July 2012)


"Duncan hit the nail on the head in terms of what we were going for. He listened to what we wanted and helped visualise it. Creatively and technically, Duncan's passionate about what he does. An excellent collaborator."


AlterRed, WTii


Nightmare Box

Feature Film (February 2012)


"I had the great pleasure of working with Duncan on our movie, Nightmare Box. In his capacity, Duncan was responsible for editing an assembly of the movie as well as converting and organizing all of the footage. Duncan is one of the most dedicated, hard working people I have met and did an oustanding job in all that he did for us - including finding several vital shots we needed for the edit that we were able to pick up during production. Within a few days of wrapping production, we were able to sit down and watch the movie from start to finish. If you want someone that is imaginative, creative, knowledgeable and a real team player, look no further than Duncan Catterall."


Jon Keeyes, Director on Nightmare Box, Highland Myst Entertainment (U.S.A)



Psy'Aviah - Virtual Gods

Music Video (January 2012)


"What I like about Duncan was his in depth approach to listening, relistening, and reading the lyrics in detail to come up with a visual representation of our music. Communication is key, and Duncan is no exception to that. He clearly knows what he's doing and what he wants, next to that, he's just easygoing and a real fun guy to work with!"

Psy’Aviah, Alfa Matrix Records (Beligum)



Ghost in the Static - Another Day

Music Video (February 2012)


“Duncan understands the importance of WHY! Rather than hearing our ideas and thinking about HOW he would do them, he spent a lot of time trying to understand WHY we wanted certain things to happen, and why they had to be in the video. With that knowledge he was then able to understand what we wanted, and better interpret our wishes.


Often whilst Shooting we would see a smile appear on Duncan’s face and this would be followed by ‘I have an idea’. It is these spontaneous bursts of creativity which mean that no two shoots will ever be the same, and it is that creativity which attracted us to working with him in the first place.”


Ghost In The Static, Static Distortion Records (U.K)



The Thespians - Music Videos

(November 2010, September 2011)


“Clearly, when you’re in a band you meet lots of people who want to get involved, but Duncan genuinely shone miles above anyone. He just seems to know exactly what you’re trying to achieve, asks the right questions, does the right research and then delivers exactly what you were aiming for. Its not rocket science, but honestly, nobody gets hold of a concept and nails is on the head like Duncan does. I’ve been involved in projects costing 20 times this and the results didn’t even come close. And, don’t even get me started on his after sales service. Honestly, if I could tell people not to use him, just so I could keep him for The Thespians, I would.”


 Paul Tong, The Thespians


Lionsex - Music Videos

(October 2010, September 2011, October 2012)


“Before we worked with Clockwork Amoeba we were unaware of what a difference a decent quality shoot can make. Thanks to Duncan and his team we have a pro-shot video that is not only turning heads in the industry, but looks, sounds and plays as though it was made for MTV or Scuzz. We can’t recommend them enough, and are damn sure the difference between your video being noticed and ignored is Clockwork Amoeba."

Lionsex, Roar Power Records



Ocasan - When You're Around

Music Video (June 2010)


“Stumbling upon enthusiasm of Duncan’s degree isn’t generally a characteristic people frequent. The Clockwork Amoeba team have been hard working and complete perfectionists from our first meeting to receiving the final cut. Professional and a pleasure to work with.”


Ocasan, Universal (U.K)

Email: Contact@DuncanCatterall.com

Phone: 077 10 415 993